White Paper: Nine Pitfalls to Avoid in Defining KPIs for the Contact Center

There are days when contact center analysts, supervisors and managers must feel like they’re staring at the same indecipherable waterfall of data. The many, various and complex systems that make up the modern contact center form a fount of data that never runs dry; they collect information on virtually every measurable aspect of a customer interaction, how it was handled, and by whom.

That’s why managers are increasingly turning to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) — those essential measurements showing how the contact center is impacting the company or organization’s business goals. While the process of choosing and/or defining KPIs is critical to effective performance management, it’s important to be aware of (and thus hopefully avoid) a few common pitfalls.

In this engaging and informative white paper, you’ll learn:

· Why KPIs determine what metrics you should use, and not vice-versa
· Why your search for better metrics should start in the executive wing, not the contact center
· How fixed targets can hamper a dynamic skills-based call routing strategy
· How to use KPIs to stop the tug-of-war between competing metrics

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