White Paper: Beyond the Tyranny of the Spreadmart - Business Intelligence in the Contact Center

Sound structure determines utility and value -- it’s a hard lesson that many contact center analysts, managers and executives are now learning when it comes to reporting and analysis of data in today’s multi-system, multi-channel and multi-vendor contact centers. Many are wrestling with — and yet still perpetually building — an unwieldy structure called the spreadmart, an ever-expanding collection of spreadsheets doing the job of a data warehouse or a data mart. The spreadmart is always under construction, but because it has no blueprint or coherent underlying architecture, it’s essentially worthless in the long run. 

In this surprising (it begins with a ghost story) and informative white paper, you'll learn:

  • How spreadmarts spread like penicious vines, strangling accurate reporting and analysis over time
  • The high cost of "low cost" tools like spreadsheets put to the wrong use
  • How a Business Intelligence (BI) architecture works to brign data from all call center systems together for coherent reporting & analysis
  • Key trends that make BI the soundest architecture for a changing contact cente ecology
  • Order from chaos: how a BI implementation can rapidly transform a spreadmart into a real data mart

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